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Digify Pro graduates get three months internship placement — Technology — XooIns World News


Florence Olumodimu

After an intensive eight-week digital marketing training, graduates of Digify Pro are set to embark on three months internship in various firms within and outside the country.

DigifyPRO Nigeria, a not-for-profit initiative, had on July 16, revealed plans to train 20 Nigerian graduates between the ages of 20 to 30 years, who are not currently in full-time employment with key skills to enter the digital workplace.

The training, which cuts across practical hands-on experience, live briefs workshops/presentations also covered topics to include, vocational and workplace skills; agency processes, customer care, client services; digital marketing.

However, the graduates are to proceed for internship in the following firms to include, X3M IDEAS, iProspect, Algorithm media; Automatic; Noah’s Ark, Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON); Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria (ADVAN), among others. Speaking at the graduation ceremony in Lagos, Programme Director, Mrs Florence Olumodimu, said: “We are excited to have successfully started and completed the very first cohort of DigifyPRO in Nigeria, an endeavour that will continue to help contribute to closing the digital skills gap one course at a time.

“Training our young people to work in a digital space is vital to the growth of the economy and ensuring we have a highly skilled workforce that is able to compete internationally. Feedback from the participants of #DigfyPro Cohort 1.0 has been positive and is proof that this initiative is a much needed one for young graduates, the industry and Nigeria as a whole,” she said.

According to Mrs Olumodimu technology has become a vital driving force to our daily lives. To remain competitive there is need to constantly keep up with trends strengthening digital skills.One of the participant, Yinka Adeniyi, said: “I believe that my life changed for the best, the very moment I started the Digify PRO training. Every day of the program has been a life-changing experience.

Digify NG has set me on the right path to build a career in the digital sector, particularly as a creative by exposing me to the way live briefs are conducted and giving me the opportunity to also work on them.” “The calibre of people I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with has made me a better person. The trainers, industry experts who have shared their knowledge on the different aspects of digital skills, communication and interpersonal skills have helped me grow tremendously.”

Sadly, Mrs Olumodimu said despite technology’s increasing use in our personal and work lives, the supply of highly-skilled tech workers has not kept pace with industry’s growth. The implication of the digital skills gap in Nigeria, likely results in thousands of unfilled jobs. This opens up opportunities for the teeming unemployed graduates we have in the nation.

The Programme Director noted that there is an increasing need for digital know-how from job applicants. Investing in the provision of digital skills and training will surely help the nation and the industry close the gap.

“The DigifyPro participants are strong people, always giving it their best and staying very passionate. They have to be strong to have survived this far still smiling, still happy and still giving it their best even with all the intense training, case studies, assignments, practical sessions, presentations and tours,” she added.

Another participant, Omotayo Sobayo, said: “My entire program has been a wonderful opportunity to develop my digital skills in several areas. The Nigerian digital space lacks young talents for continual growth but Digify NG has started out by bridging the gap.

“Personally, the most amazing thing about Digify NG is the ability to practically work on live briefs from agencies using the knowledge we acquire in the classes we are being taught. It helps us put our best foot forward. Digify NG has set me on the right path to business and career growth!”


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