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Sex isn’t enough… It’s possible for any man to ask for sex in a relationship, …


Sex isn’t enough…
It’s possible for any man to ask for sex in a relationship, but is left for you as a lady to know that sex, can’t keep him..(Sex isn’t enough)
There are two major factors ladies complain about sex in a relationship:
1. After giving him my body he left me..
2. He left because I refused to have sex with him..
NOTE: Both those who gave and those who refused to give are complaining…
( Whats the difference)
Ladies Listen, Sex isn’t enough, its not the only thing you can offer a man.
If You Don’t Have Anything To Offer A Man Outside Sex, Please remain Single…
A man can’t stay with you because his having sex with you….
Relationship is not buying and selling.
There are much to life than Monkey style, Doggy style, Missionary style, Apple and juice style, step pillows style, etc …
Are you sound intellectually? Spiritually? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally?
Men love intelligent ladies…
Men love ladies with ideas..
Men love respectful ladies…
Sex is very cheap these days, anybody can buy it.
You need to build yourself beyond sex.
Leave make-ups and be a productive lady.
Men are looking for ladies with ideas and solution not those who paint their faces with different colours.
What a man wants is beauty with brain not make ups with boobs or hips….
Sex is not everything about life there is more to life than sex ..
So pls build yourself very well , so that when the man is now coming to you your ability to arouse his loins and his intellect is what will keep you with the man outside that sex is sold on the street and he can always buy it .. Is cheaper everyday and he can afford it

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  1. You’re perfectly right. But where do we go from here since sex is the only emphasis in young people’s relationship. I hope they will adhere to your good advice. Thank you, I love you.

  2. Ladies sex does not keep relationship but neither it cement it,love, attitude towards issues ,and caring matter’s a lot take note

  3. D advice should go to d men too.
    MEN, do not take advantage of d fact that a woman always opens her legs for a man. If u no like d woman, tellam. Then, go to d one u think or know does no give just sex or rely just on sex or has just sex to offer u.Men too just use women for sex.

  4. A sex dose not keep relationship, accept if a woman have respect, good character, good manners, human feelings, humble, kindness, well cooking, integrity and educational back ground etc. It built relationship to be come stronger and lead the two partner to be come husband and wife so sex is not the solution, cos a man can never marry a woman without what i have mention above.

  5. My sister thank you very much for your advice pls keep on saying it some of us are listening thank you very much God bless you

  6. Well spoken.

    @ 1st, I use to think U are such a snub nd arrongant model…but my perspective of U changed completely went I met U one on one at Ur family foundation ceremony in Dec.2017,
    Watched how U humbly went around greeting d high, mighty & low persons, so simple nd welcoming, even greeted me witout knwing who I am..
    U are getting it ryte Gen, pls pass it on to Ur daughter..

    Frm: Simple man on d street

  7. What a good advice for ladies, but the problem is that ladies of nowadays no matter how much you will advise them they can’t Change. I sometimes wonder the way they apply these cobras on their lips awe mwandi that’s why simukwatiliwa chinjani pliz naku konka Bible.

  8. What a nice Nd loving advice.. I pray d ladies out dere will take a step ahead… Nd stop deceiving demself with make ups Nd so on thinking dat is all dat keeps a man.. nice one genevieve

  9. After every ingredients is available in the soup, salt will always makes it tasty, that’s why ye are the salt of the world And if salt loose it’s tastes what can it be salted for, so keep yourself for good works it might helps you in time of Needs.

  10. That was a wonderful one for ladies. Thank you so much at least that will make a positive impact in the life of the wise ones.

  11. Thank you mama for your advice but some men if didn’t sex with them they say u are not serious so this advice is also for d men right

  12. Thax, very good advice all ladies should know that, that sex is nothing these days many things men look forward to have a woman not for sex!

  13. Very well said, beauty and sex surely does not amount to anything but a woman with a vision and future plans is a lady of substance and a woman who is respected for who she is not for what she is…good food for thought for our sisters.

  14. Some men don’t want women with strong intelligence maybe respect works and beauty follows I disagree with idea giving…. Because a man always Have an idea therefore to be idea giver means his idea is no idea then rift valley will emerge in between the most exciting thing is when a woman help polish an idea but not drive idea or bringing idea it may work but not for most men.

  15. wel spoken but what I know is a man nothing can keep a man.A man can only stay if he wants to.Many men who have productive ladies have left them or are in polygamous marriages.Only a man who fears the Lord Jesus Christ can stay coz we can spend the rest of the day giving ideas on how yo keep a man but only his conscience wil make him stay.

  16. Babe your wonderful , a good material , you really understand the time we are , GOD bless you for this advice to ladies of our time , I know not all of them will understand but few will make use of it for their own good tomorrow .

  17. You can hear that? Sex is not the ultimate to woo a man but there are things apart from sex. So ladies think about it and stop proud of sex hence sex can be purchase on the street. You need to be unique when making friend than depending on sex alone.

  18. Tindo,you have said it all. The answer to a successful relationship is Jesus. No Jesus no life, no good relationship. Cheers.

  19. Thanks. There’s a big deference between a spiritually & carnally minded person. The wrong advise of a wise person is more better than the right advise of a fool.I know many fools will ignored,but the wise will…

  20. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, men are different some stay because of intelligence, what they can offer, while some for d beauty…. Just like in d Bible, some prophets have d power of healing, some deliverance n some teaching d word….

  21. Despite of all mentioned,Dicpline,Respect Submissive to their partners even if awoman is interlectual,intelgt or rich wz out wat i hv menthoned no man cn accept.Dicpline

  22. You are right my dear , the problem with ladies of now days is that they don’t love men but they love money hence love has lost its meaning.

  23. This is wisdom from above, it’s not u but the holly spirit in u,best for this powerful word stay blessed, and may the giver of wisdom give u more and more…..it was may wish if all women were like this but because………………/


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