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Relationships and Law of Attraction Principles


Do relationships and Law of Attraction principles align? It is more complicated than seeking things or personal qualities since you are dealing with someone else, along with his/her will, issues, idiosyncrasies and foibles. There is a strong tendency to hold onto emotional baggage (often unconsciously) that you carry from relationship to relationship, thus “causing” you to find the same person over and over again disguised in a different body!

However, you’re on a new path with a new mindset! The Law of Attraction and relationships is simply another area where you will put into practice the powerful principles that you’ve been learning. So, let go of the pessimism and try believing!

Start off then, by keeping it simple. Build a clear and solid foundation of thinking about relationships and Law of Attraction principles that can guide and direct you in an intelligent and intentional path.

Though the thrust of this article has to do with “finding” someone for a relationship, the principles are valid and useful for those who are trying to improve a current relationship.

The two areas that will be focused on are:

* Taking charge of you

* Focusing on what you already have

It appears that the overwhelming majority of teaching about relationships and Law of Attraction principles is a matter of being clear about your intentions. Namely, being sure about what you want. That is “advanced” thinking; simply not the place to start.

You must remind yourself over and over again that it all starts with you. What good is it to have specific and clear intentions about the type of person that you want to attract when you’re not the type of person who will attract that kind of person?

Did you get that? You want a positive, optimistic, strong minded person and you are grouchy, complaining, passive and fearful? LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE! Why would a person that I just described want to spend any time with you unless you’re becoming that same type of person? WOULD YOU?

Go right ahead and write down the qualities that you desire in a significant relationship. Besides the ones that have to do with personality differences (quiet, calm, energetic, relaxed, spontaneous, deliberate, etc), do you have those qualities or at least are diligently working on them?

Although there may be all sorts of ideas about two people complementing each other, the concern here is that you are unknowingly seeking someone with good personal qualities that you’re unwilling to develop. To quote Dana Carvey doing his imitation of President George H Bush, “Not Gonna Work!”

Focusing on the type of person that you desire sounds great when you are thinking in terms of intentions. However, there is the foundational principle of abundance vs. lack that must be addressed.

Again, being clear and intentional about who you want is advanced thinking. Before you think about what you want, what do you perceive and feel that you already have?

It can be subtle, but thinking a lot about who you desire is a way of feeling what you don’t have; focusing on lack vs. abundance. Relationships and Law of Attraction principles will be consistent with other issues; you must have a foundation of feeling that you are walking in abundance.

When it comes to material possessions, unless you have sense of the abundance and blessing that you already have, at the subconscious, emotional and vibration level you are feeling lack through and through. That will short-circuit any goal to attract abundance.

In regard to relationships and Law of Attraction principles, start focusing on what you already have. Think about family and friends. Start to be grateful for every little good thing that you can think of. Appreciate “chance” encounters with others that are positive.

Develop relationships with others that are not romantic, yet fulfill relational needs. I’m fortunate (actually, it’s something I’m very intentional about and work at) that I’m in a dancing community. There are quite a few women who are on my list of “favorites” because we have a wonderful time laughing, joking and having incredible fun.

They not only fulfill relational needs for me, but it helps me develop healthy relationships that are caring and giving without any kind of romantic expectation or concern about “hitting” or being “hit upon.”

Since I’m consistently attracting extremely positive, hopeful and caring women dance partners, I am absolutely sure that I will attract the same type of person for a “romantic” relationship; like is attracting like!

Again, that just isn’t happening by luck. It came as a result of clear intentions. Since I practice being a fun, happy and positive person, it’s no accident that the same types are my dance partners. You don’t dance? Try it!! Find some venue where you can be in contact with the type of people you would want and just be friends!

Good relationships and Law of Attraction principles simply require you to take responsibility. Build a foundation of thinking and feeling that focuses on the type of person you want to be as well as the abundance in relationships that you already have; like will attract like!


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