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Law of Attraction and the Millionaire Mind


Wouldn’t it be great to have all the money in the world, be able to busy

all the things you desire and help those who are less fortunate than you are?

Of course it would. But …

You are reading this article because YOU are most likely having a very

hard time making money, paying your bills and having much left at the

end of the month, right? You are in a constant struggle and WAR with

money, aren’t you?

Most people on this planet have a very hard time when it comes to making

and having an abundant supply of money. Most are living at the poverty level

or very close to it.

Does it have to be that way? No, it doesn’t.

Is it inevitable? No, it isn’t.

It is certain that you came to notice a group of people who seem to have

all the money in the world, and are able to afford just about anything they


And it goes beyond that. These selected group of people are more and

more prosperous, wealthier and wealthier every day. We are referring to

the millionaires, multimillionaires and billionaires!

Why is this so? Simply because ‘these people have the so called Millionaire

Mind, that mind which entertains only beliefs and thoughts of wealth and riches,

abundance and prosperity. Because of their difference in ‘mentality’, the ‘rich

get richer, and the poor get poorer’. That is a cosmic truth. It cannot be any other way.

The Law of Life is the Law of Belief, also known as the universal Law of

Attraction. “Whatever YOU deeply believe, YOU will sooner or later materialize

as your physical reality”.

The super rich have what is known as the “Millionaire Mind”. (And the billionaires

have the Billionaire Mind)

The poor have that “Poverty Consciousness”, the “Poverty Mind”.

Maybe you read that before. And like most “intelligent” humans, you said

to yourself “That’s absurd!”. You think you are SO SMART, right?

The super rich ONLY believe in success, abundance, prosperity, wealth,

riches, millions of dollars. They ONLY think in terms of success. They

NEVER think in terms of failure. And the universal Law of Attraction gives

them EXACTLY what they believe: success, abundance, prosperity, wealth,

riches, millions of dollars! They cannot be poor because they do not believe

in any financial lack or limitation. They can only become RICHER because

they believe in RICHES.

In sharp contrast to these super rich people,the poor people believe in lack,

limitation, scarcity, poverty, more lack and more financial limitation. The poor

people can only become POORER because they do NOT believe in RICHES.

The way they believe and think all day long is totally opposite to the way the

super rich believe and think all day long.

The poor are constantly thinking on not having enough to survive until the

end of the month, and in their minds they are constantly imagining all sorts of

future events where they see themselves experiencing lack and all sorts of

financial limitations.

The super rich are constantly thinking on ways and means to increase the

wealth and riches they already possess. And they constantly rehearse all

sort of FUTURE successes in their minds. In their minds they see constantly

succeeding and having more and more money, riches and wealth.

The universal Law of Attraction gives to each of these two groups TWO

completely different results. But there is a COMMON denominator.

Did you already figure out what that COMMON denominator is?

The answer is very simple: the COMMON denominator is that each group

is receiving from Life, the Universe, EXACTLY what they BELIEVE.

God, Life, the Universe, the Creative Force are simply MIRRORS reflecting

back to each person what he/she believes.

The rich BELIEVE in getting RICHER and they DO!

The poor BELIEVE in more financial struggles, lack and limitation and they


And there is something else that happens as a consequence to the Law of Attraction:

each group behaves, takes actions and get results in PERFECT harmony

with what they BELIEVE and THINK ABOUT all day long.

This is another aspect of the universal Law of Attraction that MOST humans

do NOT understand:

What YOU do, how YOU behave and the results YOU get depend

EXCLUSIVELY on what you BELIEVE and THINK ABOUT all day long.

What would happen if, SOMEHOW, you could eliminate from your mind all

beliefs and thoughts of failure, and financial lack, limitations and struggles?

What would happen if, using some TECHNIQUE, you could ONLY start

believing and thinking about success, winning, wealth and riches?

What would happen if you could, somehow, transplant into your brain cells

all the beliefs, values, rules, attitudes and behaviors of the super rich?

If you could do that, would you get poorer or RICHER?


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