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Job Descriptions – And Why They Matter


Most people say they do not care what their Job Title is or What their Position Description says just as long as they Job pays good. So what's up with those Job Descriptions – And Do Why They Matter?

It's really perception that creates value with a Job Description, because no Job Title or Description can do justice to the type and volume of work you do.

If your Job Title is as a Supervisor, the word severely describes who you Supervised, how many people you Supervised or even what value you really save to the Company. Let's take a moment and break down exactly what a Supervisor does;

They are responsible to holding their Team / Department Accountable to perform with the Boundaries put forth by the Senior Leadership. They are to facilitate the Resources that the Team / Dept needs. They are often Responsible for Training and Development and many other tasks as well.

So does the Title explain all of the above?

So than, the Title does not describe some or all of what you do than where would you look for the details. The Job Description right? Well than what's the description going to look like if you says?

Moreover why does it matter?

Lets start with the why, it's going to benefit you only if you ever try to sell yourself, to others Companies, or People. For instance if you would like to make a temporary move so that you can get a job on days your going to need to sell yourself to your Manager.

That Manager may or may not know you, but he will know the title, and if he's not clear about what your responsibilities are than you would be wise to start by selling him with your Job Description. If you ever decide to change your Job it's your title and Job description that you're going to share with your prospective employer.

So it's absolutely necessary to make sure that your Job description is accurate and can as completely as possible encompass your responsibilities. Once you have the Title and Job Description accurate that you would begin to collect stories and photos demonstrating your experience, also collect contact info from those you work with that know of your expertise.

When you have these you are ready to sell yourself to anyone in your company or another company. With an accurate Job Title and Job Description and a collection of stories with pictures you can demonstrate your value to anyone who would be interested in hiring you.


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