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List of Dividends announced so far in 2018 (Updated July 2, 2018)


As audited accounts start to trickle in, companies will propose dividend payments to their shareholders as recommended by their respective boards of directors. It is also important to track these announcements to know who is eligible to collect the dividend, when it will be approved and when it will be paid. Dividend payment also affects share prices.

This page will be updated from time to time.


Date Announced – The date the company announced dividends evidenced by a corporate action published on the website of the NSE.
Qualification date – Shareholders who own shares as at this date will receive dividends. If you buy shares and want to receive dividends make sure it is at least three days before this date. Shares get transferred to you on the basis of the T+3 rule (the date you bought plus 3 working days).
Payment date – This is when the dividend will be paid to you, either via post (dividend warrants) or direct credit to your bank accounts (e-dividend).
Closure of Register – Only shareholders who own shares listed in their register before this date will be paid dividend.

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CompanyDPSDate AnnouncedBonusClosure of RegisterAGM DatePayment DateQualification date
Vitafoam Nigeria Plc15 Kobo13th February 2018Nil19th – 23rd February 20188th March 20189th March 2018
Nigeria Energy Sector FundN10213th February 2018Nil19th – 23rd February 2018N/A23rd February 2018
Nigerian Breweries PlcN3.13 (Final)13th February 2018Nil7th – 13th March 201820th April 201823 April 20186th March 2018
Transcorp Hotel12.45 Kobo21st Februay 2018Nil7th March 201816th March, 201819th March 2018
Total Nig. PlcN14.0026th February 2018Nil19th – 23rd March 201821st June 201822nd June 201816th March 2018
Africa Prudential PlcN0.4026th February 2018Nil13th – 19th March 201827th March 201827th March 201812th March 2018
United Capital PlcN0.358th March 2018Nil9th – 15th March 201823rd March 201828th March 20188th March 2018
Nestle Nig PlcN27.508th March 2018Nil7th – 11th May 201822nd May 201823rd May 20184th May 2018
Medview AirlineN0.038th March 2018Nil21st – 27th March 201828th March 20183rd April 201820th Marc 2018
Nascon Allied Industries PlcN1.5012th March 2018Nil20th – 23rd April 20183rd May 20188th May 201819th April 2018
Zenith Bank PlcN2.4512th March 2018Nil4th – 9th April 201813th April 201813th April 20183rd April 2018
Dangote CementN10.5020th March 2018Nil16th April – 20th April 201820th June 201821st June 201813th April 2018
McNichols Consolidated PlcN0.0321st March 2018Nil20th – 23rd March 201819th April 201824th April 201819th March 2018
Guaranty Trust Bank PlcN2.4021st March 2018Nil28th March 201810th April 201810th April 201827th March 2018
Stanbic IBTC Holdings PlcN0.5021st March 2018Nil29th March-5th April 201819th June 201820th June 201828th March 2018
Julius Berger Nig. PlcN1.0021st March 2018Nil4th-6th June 201821st June 201822nd June 2018
Custodian and Allied Insurance Company LtdN0.3222nd March 2018NilApril 12 – 17th 201824th April 201824th April 201811 April 2018
GSK PlcN7.522nd March 2018Nil24th April – 4th May 201824th May 201825th May 201823rd April 2018
Access Bank PlcN0.4021st March 2018Nil13th April – 18th April 201825th April 201825th April 201812th April 2018
Cadbury PlcN0.1622nd March 2018Nil11th June – 15th June 20186th July 20189th July 2018N/A
Okomu Oil PlcN3.0022nd March 2018Nil15th to 18th May 2018 13th June 201825th June 201815th May 2018
United Bank for AfricaN0.6523rd March 2018Nil10th April 201823rd April 201823rd April 20189th April 2018
MRS Oil PlcNil26th March 20181 for every 52nd July – 6th July 20181st August 2018N/A28th June 2018
Newrest ASLN0.1826th March 2018Nil12th June – 15th June 201826th June 201827th June 201811th June 2018
CAP PlcN2.0526th March 2018Nil28th May – 1st June 201813th June 201814th June 201825th May 2018
Axa MansardN0.0628th March 2018Nil24th April 201810th May 201810th May 201823rd April 2018
11 Plc (formerly Mobil Oil Nig. )N8.0029th March 2018Nil28th May – June 1st 201828th June 20182nd July 201825th May 2018
Pharma-Deko PlcN0.0529th March 2018Nil7th – 11th May 201822nd May 201823rd May 20184th May 2018
Transcorp Nig. PlcN0.0229th March 2018Nil18th – 24th April 201830th April 20182nd May 201817th April 2018
Dangote Sugar Refinery PlcN1.2529th March 2018Nil16th – 20th April 201821st June 201822nd June 201813th April 2018
BOC Gases Nig. PlcN0.2029th March 2018Nil4th – 11th June 201828th June 201828th June 20181st June 2018
Berger Paints Nig. PlcN0.5029th March 2018Nil7th – 11th May 20187th June 20188th June 201811th May 2018
Capital Hotels PlcN0.0529th March 2018Nil11th – 15th June 201827th June 20184th July 20188th June 2018
Eterna PlcN0.4029th March 2018Nil24th – 28th May 201819th June 201820th June 201823rd May 2018
UAC of Nigeria PlcN0.6531st March 2018Nil15th – 18th May 201820th June 201821st June 201814th May 2018
Dangote Flour Mills PlcN0.203rd April 2018Nil23rd – 27th April 201822nd June 201827th June 201820th April 2018
FCMB Group PlcN0.104th April 2018Nil13th – 19th April 201827th April 201830th April 201812th April 2018
Caverton Offshore Support Group PlcN0.155th April 2018Nil26th April 20188th May 20188th May 201825th April 2018
Beta Glass PlcN1.076th April 2018Nil18th – 22nd June 20185th July 20186th July 201815th June 2018
Aiico Insurance PlcN0.056th April 2018Nil21st – 23rd May 201824th May 201825th May 2018May 18th 2018
Lafarge Africa PlcN1.509th April 2018Nil23rd – 27th April 201816th May 201816th May 201827th April 2018
Unilever Nig PlcN0.509th April 2018Nil16th – 20th April 2018N/A11th May 201813th April 2018
Rak Unity Petroleum Company PlcN0.109th April 2018Nil23rd – 27th July 201816th August 201816th August 201820th July 2018
Regency Alliance InsuranceN0.0313th April 2018Nil30th April – 4th May 201824th May 201825th May 201827th May 2018
NAHCO Aviance PlcN0.2513th April 2018Nil3rd – 5th July 201820th July 201820th July 20182nd July 2018
Sterling Bank PlcN0.0216th April 2018Nil30th April – 4th May 201817th May 201817th May 201827th April 2018
Presco PlcN2.0016th April 2018Nil9th – 13th July 201825th July 201826th July 20186th July 2018
Aluminium Extrusion Industries Plc8.50 Kobo19th April 2018Nil13th – 17th August 201821st September 201824th September 2018N/A
Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PlcN0.0220th April 2018Nil7th – 11th May 201822nd May 201822nd May 20184th May 2018
FBN Holdings PlcN0.2525th April 2018Nil7th – 11th May 201815th May 201816th May 20184th May 2018
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank PlcN0.0226th April 2018Nil10th – 17th May 201824th May 201830th May 20189th May 2018
Law Union & Rock Insurance PlcN0.0426th April 2018Nil27th April – 2nd May 20183rd May 20185th May 201826th April 2018
NPF Microfinance Bank PlcN0.1727th April 2018Nil4th – 8th June 201828th June 201828th June 20181st June 2018
Fidelity Bank PlcN0.1130th April 2018Nil14th -18th May 201825th May 201825th May 201811th May 2018
CAP Plc205 kobo2nd May 2018Nil28th May – June 1st 2018June 18th 201819th June 201825th May 2018
Omoluabi Mortgage Bank plcN0.012nd May 2018Nil21st – 25th May 201826th July 20181st August 201819th May 2018
Lasaco Assurance PlcN0.043rd May 2018Nil4th – 8th June 201821st June 20185th July 20181st June 2018
NEM Insurance PlcN0.1014th May 2018Nil4th – 8th June 201820th June 201820th June 20181st June 2018
Mutual Benefits Assurance PlcN0.0216th May 2018Nil14th – 20th June 201827th June 201828th June 201813th June 2018
Conoil Plc200 kobo5th June 2018Nil18th – 22nd June 201813th July 201823rd July 201814th June 2018
Cement Company of Nigeria PlcN1.2514th June 2018Nil19th – 22nd June 201826th July 201827th July 201814th June 2018
Learn Africa PlcN0.1429th June 2018Nil9th – 13th July 201830th August 201831st August 20186th July 2018
Flour Mills of Nigeria PlcN1.002nd July 2018Nil6th – 10th August 201830th August 20183rd September 20183rd August 2018
Honeywell Flour Mills PlcN0.063rd July 2018Nil10th – 14th September 201820th September 201821st September 20187th September 2018
University Press PlcN0.153rd July 2018Nil3rd – 7th September 201827th September 201827th September 201831st August 2018


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