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Planning For A Blog Post


Alright, now you’re ready for your first blog post. Now, let’s take a look at how to write a blog post.

The first and foremost thing you want to portray with your blog post is that you are the expert. The next thing you want to do is to relate to your visitor. Yes, you want to keep in mind that you want to optimize your posts for the search engines, however; not at the expense of losing your visitor.

I myself bought this battle for so long as I was always so worried about SEO that I was not writing in a ways that related to my visitor.

The fact is that if you do not write in a way that relates to your visitor and makes them wanting to come back you have wasted your time for nothing.

You have to plan your posts before you write it, you must decide what kind of response you want to elicit from the reader.

Are you just wanting to establish yourself as the expert so that your visitor will continue to come back to see your new post? Or do you want them to get excited and buy from you when they complete their reading of your post? Or do you want them to start anticipating a new product you’re coming out with?

These are some things you need to think about prior to writing a post on your blog.

Okay so it is keyword research is very important if you are to get free visitors via the search engines.

Make sure your keyword is in the title of your post, for example; “how to play rock guitar” which is a specific keyword which is rock guitar.

You’ll want to make your blog post under the category for example;” how to play guitar.” This is more of a broader keyword.

Then let’s say you have a blog that is called “Joe’s Guitar Lessons” – this is even more of a broader category.

So you see how that is structured? The blog title “Joe’s guitar lessons” are very broad based keywords. Then, the category you will place the blog post under gets a bit narrower. Then the title of your blog post is narrower still.

As you can see they are all related. So when the Google bots take a look at your blog post they will see the category and the title of your blog and then place you higher in the rankings.

But of course you see if you write just for the search engines you are not going to be able to properly teach anyone how to play the guitar, also, it is just a matter of time before the search engines see what you’re doing and you will fall from the rankings anyway.


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