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How to Monetize Your Blog Perfectly


If you are looking to monetize your blog, you need a good mixture of "cost per click", "cost per mille" and "cost per action" ads. Here's a small definition of each term:

• Cost per click (CPC): Form of advertisement that pays you when someone clicks on it.
• Cost per Action (CPA): Form of advertisement that pays you when someone accomplishes an action
(Such as downloading a file or subscribing to a service or resulting in some sale)
• Cost per mille (CPM): Form of advertisement that pays you to display a banner, button or any other form of advertisement 1000 times.

When the time comes to monetize your blog, do not stick only to Google AdSense, instead make use of tons of ways to add advertising materials to your blog which actually is the money-maker for you.

Cost per click advertisement is the most attractive option to earn online for beginners and veterans. There are more than a hundred cost per click networks and each growing daily. But there are only a few ad networks that stand out best among the rest in the rates they provide, customer service, payment processing. These networks I think are best and genuine money makers for anyone who thinks of making money through blogging.

These are just a few of the ways to make money online from your blog although they are easy to implement and easy enough to follow, the real challenge will be in getting people to regularly click the adverts too.

I am here telling about them with my experience in blogging from 1 year, which made my blogging experience really beautiful. One can try only these three and concentrate on them to get the best results. Although some may take little time to earn revenues, I think they are the best which one should try monetizing. Do not try others as they may be big time wasters and can not give the best your site descriptions.


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