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Graduate Recruitment Is a Fast-Growing Business


Recruitment agencies are quickly becoming a popular way for companies to find new graduates to fill open positions. New graduates are often overwhelmed with the process of searching for a job. With so many companies and positions in the market, they either do not know where to start or do not know how to obtain an interview. By seeking out recruitment agencies, they're able to work with people who will help place them in a job.

In this constantly changing technological world, finding a job is incredibly different. There are a lot of job boards or websites that post fake or jobs that have already been filled. Moreover, job boards are a dime a dozen. A graduate's application will get lost among the thousands of other applications being submitted daily.

Recruitment agencies take the time to act as the liaison between the job seeker and the employer. Recruitment agencies post job openings for the companies they work for, eliminating the possibility of fake or already filled jobs. If you're a graduate, the agency will keep your application and CV on file and a recruiter will contact you if they think you're a match for a potential job. If you're a company, the agency will contact you with suitable graduates. After that, an interview is set up and hopefully everything works out!

Both the company and the job seekers benefit from this arrangement. Searching for a new job is time consuming. New graduates have to spend hours each day searching through job sites or company websites. Once they choose to work with a recruitment consultant, they can explain the type of work they're interested in, what their skills are, and what industries they have considered. The consultant can then streamline the graduate's job search process and offer them suggestions based on the vacancies within the agency's own job board.

On the other hand, searching for a new employee to fill a vacant position is also time consuming. HR departments are often so busy doing their own in-house work that they do not have time to spend hours searching through hundreds of new job applications. A recruiting agency allows them to quickly solve the problem as a recruiter will suggest potential candidates based on their CVs and initial recruiting interview.

Additionally, recruitment agencies offer graduations temping work. Both companies and job seekers are often in search of quick, temporary work before they find a more permanent job elsewhere. Usually recruiters will suggest that a graduate apply for temp work as a trial run with a company. This is popular because it allows the worker and the company a way to see if they're compatible. More people have turned to this recruitment method very slowly, which has made it a popular business model.

All of these processes save valuable time for new graduates seeking jobs and companies seeking to fill vacant positions. Recruitment agencies have started quickly growing in popularity not only because they're convenient, but because they're efficient and effective for both new graduates and companies.


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